Get involved! Gifted students in Australia need your voice!

There is currently a Quality Initial Teacher Review being conducted in Australia.

All parents, teachers and researchers with an interest in the education of gifted learners in Australia have the opportunity to write a submission or letter about the need for the provision of a compulsory unit on Gifted Education as part of their initial teacher education (some of you may use the term preservice teacher education).

It’s simple to participate in this review. You only need a short response.

If you have never participated in a review before, the AAEGT has drafted a sample letter you can use to talk about your experience  Sample letter template – Click here: AAEGT ITE Review submission letter template

Further information with the link to submit your letter, or a longer submission can be found at:

To see change happen, we need a lot of submissions.

Take some time to support gifted learners now!