AAEGT John Geake Outstanding Thesis Award




The Australian Association for the Education of the Gifted and Talented John Geake Outstanding Thesis Award was first established in 2010. It is awarded biannually to a PhD or EdD graduate as special recognition for an outstanding thesis that contributes important knowledge to the study of giftedness or gifted education, broadly defined.

John Geake, who was Professor of Education – Learning and Teaching in University of New England’s Faculty of The Professions, has been described as “one of the very few absolute best in his field, who was held in the highest respect because of his wisdom”. Dr Geake received an Honours degree in Physics from the University of NSW, an A.Mus.A. from the Australian Music Examinations Board in flute, a Diploma of Education, a Master’s degree (with First-Class Honours) in Education, and a science PhD.

Dr Geake’s passion for education led him from university to teach in, and establish, various schools. In 2002 he received an Eminent Gifted Educator award from the Australian Association for Education of the Gifted and Talented.

Dr Geake accepted the position of Professor of Education at Oxford Brookes University and lived for eight years in the UK, returning to Australia to take up his post at UNE in 2008. While in Oxford he conducted neuroscientific research into high intelligence and creativity at the University of Oxford’s Centre for Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging of the Brain, Department of Clinical Neurology, John Radcliffe Hospital. He co-founded the Oxford Cognitive Neuroscience-Education Forum, and was adviser to the House of Lords All Party Group on the Future of Science & ICT Research for Education.

Dr Geake published more than 60 articles, book chapters and books on a wide range of educational issues, in addition to being a popular keynote speaker at international conferences. His latest publication was his book The Brain at School, before he died in September 2011, aged 62.


Previous award recipients

2010 Dr Catherine Wormald

2012 Dr Lesley Williams

2015 Dr Michelle Bannister-Tyrell

2016 Dr Rosalind Walsh

2018 Dr Amanda Harper