Asia Pacific Conferene 2010 – Day 1

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Concurrent Session 1A Auditorium

(Curriculum Approaches)

Concurrent Session 1B Bayside 101

(Indigenous Students)

Concurrent Session 1C Bayside 102

(Advocacy & Policy)

What we know about talent development, and what kind of partnership will facilitate it

Dr David Yun Dai

(Invited Speaker 30 mins)

Identifying gifted knowledge and learning in an African context

John Munro

Academically gifted girls: The path to the professoriate

Carmel Diezmann

Creative approach to enthusing mathematically gifted students in upper primary/lower secondary classes

Katrina Sims

Traditional Aboriginal perspectives on gifted and talented children and their schooling

Michael Christie

The introduction of teacher cultivation for gifted education in Taiwan and China

Hsiao-Ping Yu

Challenging senior students in English according to their needs

Mary Nosworthy

Te Ara a Ihenga: Maori, gifted and proud

Melinda Webber

Developing a national standard for the education of the gifted & talented

Usanee Anuruthwong

Successful gifted programs

Kylie Booker

Gifted and Talented Maori and Pasifika students: Issues in their identification and programme provision

Graeme Miller

A national plan for advancing gifted education in the UAE

Mohamed Albaili

Enrichment programs for early childhood

Susanne Garvis

The Booderee Junior Rangers Program

Alyson Whiteoak

The Hong Kong Academy for Gifted Education (HKAGE) and the evolution of student programmes

Stephen Tommis

Engagement of higher order reading processes by young talented readers: The symbiosis of metacognition and critical literacy

Michelle Bannister-Tyrrell

Integrated underachievement model: Interventions for gifted Indigenous underachievers

Tracy Burns, Maria Bousnakis & Grace Mugavero

More means wider

K Brian Start

Concurrent Session 1D Bayside 103

(Curriculum Approaches)

Concurrent Session 1E Bayside 104

(Dual Exceptionality)

Concurrent Session 1FBayside 105


 Enhancing work-oriented learning through science internship: Implications for the gifted curriculum

Jessamyn Marie Yazon

Thinking smart about twice exceptional learners: 10 steps to finding them (all of them) and 10 strategies for catering for them appropriately

Prof Karen B Rogers

(Invited Speaker 30 mins)

The current situation of creativity education in Korean universities

Eunkyung Kim

Playing to learn or learning to play? A gifted child at preschool

Anne Grant

Smart Program: Adaptive learning in kindergarten

Shih-Yu Huang

 A relational study of goal orientations, efficacy, and student outcomes of artistically talented students

Liang See Tan

Grappling with the effects of attachment: A gifted model for dual exceptionality

Mimi Wellisch

The relationship between cognitive style and creativity

Sook-Hee Park

 Combining mentoring and inquiry learning, transforming student motivation, performance and autonomy

Mark Smith

Through my eyes – the link between G& T and Irlen Syndrome

Robyn Harawira

 A study on the objective factors influencing adolescents’ science and technology innovation ability

Yan Kong

Gifted in mathematics: A differentiated mathematics curriculum in the gifted education programme (primary)

Jason Lai

 Challenging gifted children and the phenomenon of ADHD: A qualitative study of teachers and parents perceptions in a Saudi Arabian primary school

Faisal Alamiri


 A study on the relationships between Junior High Schools’ learning community and school innovation management effectiveness in Taiwan

Chiou-Ruan Hwang

Gifted….with something else going on

Carol Barnes


Concurrent Session 2A Auditorium


Concurrent Session 2B Bayside 101

(Curriculum Approaches)

Concurrent Session 2C Bayside 102

(Advocacy & Policy)

Developing creative talent in 21st century classrooms: Thinking inside, outside and beyond the box

Dr Jane Jarvis

(Invited Speaker 30 mins)

Quick, simple effective ways to cater for your very bright preschoolers (45 mins)

Sue Breen

Parent voice in Hong Kong

Angel Wan

Using creative problem solving competition to develop the mathematical creativity of students

Andy Ka-on Tse

Gifted education in Singapore: Policy and practice

Chwee G Quek

 A challenge for creative thinking in a brave new world

Alexinia Baldwin

Case study on an exceptionally gifted child

Yogini Yogarajah

Development of a school-based creative thinking programme based on the “ask-think-do-evaluate(ATDE)” model for enhancing pedagogical strategies of teachers and thinking skills of gifted Chinese primary students

Helen Siu Yin Ku-Yu, Tina Sio-Han Fong,

In-Han Fong & Siu Chun Mak

 Advocating for gifted girls: A review of the literature on high ability females

Christopher Slatter

Creativity, mood disorders and the aesthetic

Deborah Fraser

 Educational policies suggestions for gifted students and their educators

Anthony Nolan


Analysis of the admission officer system as a selection tool of the scientifically gifted youth in Korea

Min Shin

Concurrent Session 2D Bayside 103

(Curriculum Approaches)

Concurrent Session 2E Bayside 104

(Dual Exceptionality)

Concurrent Session 2F Bayside 105

(Learning Communities/Spiritual & Emotional Development)

Comparison of physics learning mode between normal and accelerative for gifted students

Qi Wang

Working with families of twice exceptional in Hong Kong

Jessie Chow


The experience of young accelerated students at university

Marie Young


Quality teaching for gifted learners

Angela Chessman

workshop 45 mins

Learning Communities

 A study on the affective learning of NYGH GEP students in an integrated classroom

Calvin Lee

What’s it like to have 2E children? (the demographic data and needs of the parents)

Samson Chan

Really achieving your dreams by teaching for successful intelligence

Chin-Wen Lee

The pilot project of twice-exceptional gifted education in Taipei

Ching-Fang Yen

Aristotle in the 21st century

Frances Ess

Effects of exceptional native service model for the twice exceptional

Kuen-Shouh Wu

Switch on your emotional and spiritual wellbeing – emotional and spiritual development of gifted kids

Lisa Barlow & Robyn Harawira

workshop 45 mins

Spiritual & Emotional Development

Phoenix Rising  the 4D program

Carol Walker

 Emerging issues of gifted education into the innovative experience: Taipei County Jhone He Elementary School

Tsohsien Lin

Concurrent Session 3A Auditorium

(Curriculum Approaches)

Concurrent Session 3B Bayside 101

(Indigenous Students)

Concurrent Session 3C Bayside 102

(Advocacy & Policy)

Developing identity in our gifted indigenous students

Vivienne Russell

Apple, avocado or acerola?  A fruitful use of analogy in advocating or creating policies for gifted education

Sara Meadows

Concurrent Session 3D Bayside 103

(Advocacy & Policy)

Concurrent Session 3E Bayside 104

(Dual Exceptionality)

Concurrent Session 3F Bayside 105

(School-Family Partnerships)

Effecting positive home-school partnerships: Some smart thinking for parents, policy makers and practitioners

Judith Hewton &

Anthony Stevens

Helping gifted children with autism spectrum disorders succeed

Maureen Neihart

Planning successful school based professional development for teachers of gifted students: A partnership

Jennifer Rowley