Asia Pacific Conferene 2010 – Day 4

KEYNOTE ADDRESS 4 – Dr Laurence J Coleman Passion for learning: the experience of being consumed by learning

Concurrent Session 11A Auditorium
(Curriculum Approaches)

Concurrent Session 11B Bayside 101
(Curriculum Approaches)

Concurrent Session 11C Bayside 102
(Curriculum Approaches)

The importance of fine motor skills in the identification and in the education of gifted achievers and underachievers
Prof Heidrun Stoeger
(Invited Speaker)
30 mins

Actions speak louder than words: Using elearning in service learning and gifted education
Diana Whitton

Becoming global citizens through intercultural learning
Kay Gibson, Marjorie Landwehr-Brown
& Anh Tran
(workshop 90 mins)


Individualised research study: Defensible enrichment for the gifted in Singapore
Poh Yin Liew

 Ad Astra: English enrichment in the middle school
Michelle Bannister-Tyrrell

The joy of reading
Buay Kee Yeo & Meiqing Ong


Developing a mathematics pull-out programme for highly talented students in Singapore.  Lessons from the first year
Daniel Koh

Aspire: meeting the needs of gifted university students: A case study of University of Western Sydney
Diana Whitton

 The revolving door model for early college entry with radical acceleration: Increasing the options, reducing the risk through trial placement
Lyn Dimaano

Nurturing creativity and critical thinking through humanities and science curricula in Hong Kong
Richard H F Tong & Jasmine C H Yeung

Concurrent Session 11D Bayside 103
(Spiritual & Emotional Development)

Concurrent Session 11E Bayside 104
(Learning Communities)

Concurrent Session 11F Bayside 105
(Spiritual & Emotional Development)

The influences of socio-demographic variables on foreign language writing anxiety in female mathematics-and-science-gifted students
Yung-Nan Chiang

Learning insights:  Student perspectives on ‘thinking smart’
Lesley Williams

Spiritual intelligence as a component of giftedness
Russell Walton

Gifted young adolescents: Addressing the ‘who am I?’ question
Lisette Dillon

Building a supportive culture in the school community
Penny Willoughby

Big fish dipping into big ponds: A different view of the big fish little pond effect
Kate Niederer

Deconstructing a successful service learning project – Steps to achieving perspective change
Jasper Kuan

Chemistry game shows for high ability learners
Zi Sheng Tham

The psycho-social factors of the Olympiad achievement
Viire Sepp

Growing up smart and criminal
Maureen Neihart

 Moving from prescribed practitioners to investigative practitioners
Letchmi Devi Ponnusamy

SENG: Getting to the heart of the matter
Rose Blackett

Socialization of gifted children through international student exchange program
Ning Chen

Nossal High School: The creation of a contemporary select entry high school for the third millennium – pedagogical, physical, political and systemic implications
Toni Meath & Roger Page

 The big questions: Teaching philosophy to gifted students
Deborah Palmer




Concurrent Session 12A Auditorium
(Curriculum Approaches)

Concurrent Session 12B Bayside 101

Concurrent Session 12C Bayside 102
(School-Family Partnerships/
Advocacy & Policy/Curriculum Approaches)

Ethical reasoning in leadership development for the gifted
Clarinda Choh


 Being different and gifted: Seen through the eyes of the child, the parent, and the educator
Ole Kyed

Evaluation of an enriched K11-12 biology curriculum for highly abled students
Chiew Hua Chan

Training of children’s creativity through parent-teacher collaboration
Kit-Mee Cheung

 Factors influencing altruism in gifted adolescent girls – a qualitative study
Sundari Pramathevan

A differentiated assessment policy : How a system supports its teachers in the business of differentiation
Sherrol Gane & Leonie Burfield

The field as classroom: An analysis of student engagement in learning geography
Kah Wai Yuen

Mathematics education for high-ability students in Singapore
Jason Lai

 Establishing effective online collaborative learning communities
Carolyn Rhodes

Catering to the gifted in science in Singapore
Poh Yin Liew

The Philosothon
Anne McCallum


Concurrent Session 12D Bayside 103

Concurrent Session 12E Bayside 104
(Curriculum Approaches)

Concurrent Session 12F Bayside 105


Differentiation: Using the ‘duat’ to evaluate the level of differentiation in a classroom: A workshop supporting teachers to improve the consistency of differentiation in the classroom context
Ruth Phillips