Events and Announcements

Mutual Affiliation: AAEGT and giftEDNZ

Posted November 2016

On Friday 30th September, 2016. AAEGT and giftEdNZ : The Professional Association for Gifted Education in Aotearoa New Zealand  mutually agreed to affiliate in the spirit of collaboration around our common goals and vision for gifted education. Through affiliation, the associations’ seek to support and promote each other’s endevours to enhance outcomes for gifted children through advocacy, professional learning, research and consultation.

AAEGT and giftEDNZ Affiliation

Youth Summit- Beyond the Boundaries: Sustainable Communities 2016

Posted October 2016

The AAEGT 2016 National Gifted Conference Organising Committee was pleased to incorporate the Youth Summit as part of the conference held from 29th September to 1st October, 2016.

As part of the AAEGT National Gifted Conference, we offered a youth summit focusing on “Beyond the Boundaries: Sustainable Communities”. Open to gifted students in Years 7-12, this was an exciting opportunity to work with other gifted youth, to learn about sustainable living, and to consider future community design and planning. There was also opportunity for students to meet new people, learn from experts, and be challenged in creative and critical thinking.

Participants of the Youth Summit  explored the potential for living sustainably as a community. They worked in small groups to plan and map out a sustainable community in one of three selected environments in Australia – meeting the unique challenges of the environment, planning innovative solutions to the challenges, and creating a representation of their solution.

During the three day program, experts from a range of organisations were available to advise on community planning, indigenous communities, town planning, building structures and sustainable living. Participants then applied this to the design of community features for leisure, accommodation, infrastructure and business. The final display included a folio and a 2D representation of the community features, curated as an installation that was on display to delegates attending the National Gifted Conference. This final presentation was an opportunity which connected national gifted delegates and gifted youth.