Gifted Awareness Week- 2015

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Gifted Awareness Week 2015- March 15 to 21


Official Launch: March, 2015


On the hearts of many for decades and on the planning front for months, it was with great anticipation that the AAEGT President, Wilma Vialle, announced:

‘AAEGT, with the full support of its affiliated associations, is happy to announce that we have established a Gifted Awareness Week in Australia. We are indebted to our colleagues across the globe who have created similar events in their own countries, and encouraged us to follow suit. The aim, of course, is to raise community awareness of giftedness and to promote activities that celebrate giftedness in all its forms’.

Now set to occur during the third week of March each year, the inaugural launch of Gifted Awareness Week was met with much support from around our nation as individuals reflected on what this week would mean to them:




As part of the launch of the inaugural Gifted Awareness Week- Australia, AAEGT generously donated $1,000 to each affiliated State and Territory for use with events and activities during the week.

The state and territory reports as follows:


Northern Territory

New South Wales

South Australia



National Poster Competition 2015
National Winner

The AAEGT launched a National Poster Competition, giving children under the age of 18 the opportunity to contribute their thoughts on the concept of a National Gifted Awareness Week through the medium of an artistic poster. The winner, Marion Scott from Tasmania, was flown to the AAEGT National Conference hosted by QAGTC to present her poster at the official opening of Gifted Awareness Week. Her interview and poster presentation was thoroughly enjoyed by all in attendance as far as to say that Marion indeed ‘stole the show’. The issues she highlighted, which stemmed from her own experiences throughout her young life, provided much insight as to where our focus should lie at educators and academia.


The AAEGT was also thrilled to hear of various school and organisations that also hosted and participated in their own events during Gifted Awareness Week- Australia. Echoing the thoughts of Helen Keller: “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much”, AAEGT would like to challenge and encourage associations, businesses, universities, schools and the like to get involved with Gifted Awareness Week- Australia.

Melinda Gindy

National Facilitator

Gifted Awareness Week Australia