Introducing AAEGT 2017 President

Introducing Lesley Henderson, the AAEGT president 2017. Lesley’s term as President commences at the close of our 2017 AGM. We congratulate Lesley on her election to this position.


Leading the AAEGT from 2017: Lesley Henderson


The AAEGT was formed 35 years ago with a strong vision of advocacy for gifted children and promotion of research and evidence-led practice in gifted education. As the incoming national president, I bring to this position my experience as the South Australian Director since 2011, and my extensive knowledge about gifted education and professional learning through my work as a lecturer in gifted education and educational psychology at Flinders University since 2005. I work full-time as a lecturer in the College of Education, Psychology and Social Work, where I coordinate the postgraduate courses in gifted education and the initial teacher education topics in educational psychology at the master’s level. I am also a parent of gifted children who are now adults, but it is through my search for information about giftedness to support my children that I completed my Master of Gifted Education. So my knowledge and experiences of giftedness and gifted education as a parent, student and lecturer over the past 22 years inform and inspire my work.


There are four key aspects of this work that will be my focus in the next two years:

  1. The review and revision of the AAEGT Constitution to ensure not only compliance with legislation but also clarity of process.
  2. The establishment of protocols to ensure good governance and transparent practices in the conduct of company business.
  3. A strong focus on research at the national level.
  4. The publication of AAEGT position papers informed by research evidence that will provide the platform from which we can advocate for gifted students.


This is in addition to supporting the important work of the Australasian Journal of Gifted Education edited by Jae Jung, and the national Giftedness Awareness Week promotion, inspired by the work of Melinda Gindy. I would also like to acknowledge the work of the treasurer, Lynne Maher, who ensures that the finances of the AAEGT are kept in good order, and the website manager, Jodi Brown, who ensures that we have an online presence that has impact and currency.

The work of the AAEGT is not reliant on a single person, but a group of committed Directors, who are (in the main) representatives of their states and territories, but who work in a range of ways at the national level. I look forward to leading the Australian Association in the important work to be done in support of gifted children and the adults who care for them and advocate for their educational entitlement.