Resources for Parents

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 General Resources for Parents

  • Amby’s Gifted Resources – Provides a list of well annotated web sites related to gifted children.
  • GT World – An online support community for parents of gifted children, including a website, several discussion lists and a MOO.
  • Hoagies – A labor of love that is a wonderf ul resource for gifted kids, and their parents and teachers. Includes the latest research on parenting and education practices.
  • Hoagies Software Reviews – Check what others have said about the software out there.
  • Nurturing Gifted Children  – Parenting tips on helping and nurturing gifted children.
  • REACH Education – A New Zealand Gifted Education consultancy with an international reputation, which includes information and support for parents and links to local associations and additional resources.
  • SENG – Supporting Emotional Needs of the Gifted Offering webinars, support and conferences for parents in supporting the needs of the gifted


Years K-6

  • Boston Children’s Museum – An interactive museum.
  • Bubble Dome – An interactive children’s story website that aims to develop imagination and lateral thinking.
  • BrainPop – Selection of animated movies on health, sceince and technology themes.
  • Capital Children’s Museum, Washington DC – An interactive museum.
  • Cool puzzles – A site with simple to very hard lateral type puzzles.
  • Cyberchase – A high production value site with many maths games.
  • Eureka Children’s Museum, Halifax UK – An interactive museum.
  • – Very large annotated directory/search engine of web sites of interest to kids.
  • KidsClick – Good portal to info on a wide range of subjects, apparently vetted by librarians.
  • The Mummy Maker – BBC game about mummy making in ancient Egypt
  • Miss Maggie’s Earth Adventures – Attractive free Flash animated site for learners (and teachers).
  • Puzz – Lateral thinking and logic puzzles.
  • Shields, Knights and Heraldry – Offers free software to allow children to make their own shields/coat of arms.
  • The Space Place – NASA’s site for kids interested in space-related activities and science.
  • Try Science – Educational science site with a range of games and experiments.
  • Discovery Kids Discover space, explore a volcano, get up close with a shark. Games and videos to explore the world around us.
  • Khan Academy Free education courses and videos on just about everything.

Years 7-12

  • Artist’s Toolkit – Explore visual elements with interacitve demos and a create your own tool.
  • ExploreScience – Great interactive learning experiences with Shockwave m ultimedia activities.
  • Geometry from the Land of the Incas – Great Flash enabled site on Euclidean geometry.
  • Hoagies Investigations – Reference libraries and individual links for all your school subjects.
  • Illuminations – US mathematics mega site.
  • Lateral puzzles – A large and free collection of puzzles with interactive chat problem solving.
  • The Mint – An integrated US web-site covering personal finance and economic themes designed for middle and high school students, their teachers and parents.
  • MIT Open Courseware – Massachusetts Institute of Technology course material progressively put online for public use
  • Moneyopolis – US site using a game format for junior high maths in a personal finance setting “the place for money-sharp kids” – authored by Ernst and Young
  • Physics Classroom – Attractive online tutorials on several physics topics.
  • The Science Site – Fortnightly science ezine with Pacific/New Zealand focus
  • TeleMentors – a site linking students with a partic ular interest electronically to volunteers working in the fields
  • Virtual Training Suite Easy, free and excellent tutorials for senior students wanting to master internet resources in their chosen professional field or interest area